Entry #1

Aww shucks!

2008-06-06 10:48:20 by madteahouseKB

A 2.15 on our first flash posted?


HA! That's fine; we weren't looking to make a masterpiece. It was just something I whipped up in about three hours.

Next Flash will be MUCH better, I promise. (Err...maybe...I might be uploading some majorly old Flash animations so, don't quote me just yet)

And just to clarify things a bit, when I say "we" I mean that this account is for the propose of posting flash works from my best friend and mine web comic Mad Tea House

Have a gander at the link while I whip out the tablet and continue work on the next flash.
See ya!

~ KB


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2008-06-06 13:58:45

The link doesnt work, for me at least

madteahouseKB responds:

Whoops! Added one "e" too many when typing.
Thanks for the comment! It's all corrected now and should work fine.

~ KB